The Characters



Descrizione del personaggio

Al Satan (Grande mago Piccolo)

Al Satan is the evil part of the Supreme. It will have a son named Junior (Small) and will be defeated by Goku


And 'the sister of maga Muten-Rôshi. He may be back to life for only 1 day the dead. As a profession, provides for future payment.


This magician is the son of Bibidi which created Majin Bu. His project, it is rianimarlo. To do so, his henchmen are trying to steal energy to other warriors. When Bu back to life, kills its Babidi tired of being his orders.


Brink destruction of his planet by the Sayan, seeking revenge on Sayan land. The dowry has to be able to control the bodies of the others in distance


And 'keeper Balzar of the Obelisk which is under the Supreme palace. It is a fairly important role in history.


Do not know why, but a lot Broli hates Goku, so many defeats on earth Warriors Z, but is defeated by its Goku


And 'Trunks's sister but does not have a major role in history


Amica Goku this monkey lives with King Kaio into.


And 'the first person Goku meets on Terra.Con passion technology will grow with him and have children from 2 Vegeta.

Majin Bu Grasso

It has a high strength and does not have the gift of reason ....

Super Majin Bu

It 'made up more fat Bu Bu magro.E' cruel and merciless, it kills almost all the land except a few who are being saved


It 'a component of the team Giniu.


Created by Dr. Cyborg Gelo is the most powerful after Cell.


Also built by Gelo, is characterized by an acute furbizia.


Vanitosa and stubborn, this powerful cyborg become the wife of Crili ... ( ! )


It has a strong but discreet can absorb the energy of their only touching with the hands

C-20 ( Dottor Gelo )

Scenziato the Red Ribbon, has a deep hatred for Goku is living only to try to annientarlo. For this purpose creates cyborg


The jewel of Gelo cyborg, as an end to absorb the energy of others to become cyborg "being perfect" by the extraordinary power. We can but is defeated by Gohan ssj2

Cell Jr

Created by Cell to annoy and irritate far Gohan, bring into difficulties Squad Z. They are small but powerful


And 'Goku's wife. They are known child to a tournament. It 'a very lively woman, but often annoying!


And 'the brother of Freezer back to vendicarlo after his death on the part of Trunks. Compare the O.A.V.


Dear friend of childhood Goku is a land that peeled bride c-18. And 'the strongest of humans. It will have a daughter: Marron


Comandante Red Ribbon

And 'the commander of the association famous "Red Ribbon" (red tassel). It appears mainly in Dragon Ball.


Darbula, the king hell he is a warrior and very powerful evil that is at the service of Babidi.



Work for Freezer with Zarbon but is not very powerful


Very powerful, creates many problems for our friends trying to possession with the ball, but was beaten by Goku ssj. Sopravviverà however, but will be defeated by Future Trunks ssj


And 'Captain dell'omonima team, always at the service of Freezer. It has the capacity to enter into the body of the other through a strange technique, which only knows how to use him.


Commentatore Tenkaichi

And 'the presenter of all tournaments held in tenkaichi Dragonball since Goku was small and fought against Jackie Chan.




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